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Services & Pricing

Let us help you with your project!

Quilts come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Use our estimators below to get started creating the quilt you have in mind! If you have any questions, send us an email and we can help.

Cost Estimator:


1.  Calculate the area of your quilt

Multiply length x width in inches. (Ex. a twin quilt measuring 72" x 90" is 6,480 square inches)

2.  Multiply the area by the price per square inch

(Ex. for basic edge to edge quilting it would be $.018/sq. inch or 6,480 x $.018 = $116.64 for a twin quilt) Pricing varies depending on the complexity or density of the quilting pattern.

3.  Choose the color of thread

We only use high quality Isacord 40 thread with our long arm quilting machine. Please refer to our thread color catalog to select a thread color for your project. We stock solid and variegated threads.

4.  Add batting cost

We use Quilters Dream batting. I measure 8 extra inches for batting overlap.

Quilters Dream 80/20 

60" width: $10.78/yd

93" width: $18.13/yd

We offer additional batting, prices vary based on chosen batting.

Additional costs

Other factors also determine the price of your quilt including optional binding, thread color changes, stitch density, and more.

Contact us today to get a

personalized quote for your project!

Cost Estimator

Additional Services

In addition to our standard quilting services we offer these additional services for your project:

Piecing Backing together

Create a plain or patterned quilted backing.

Prepare and sew binding

This includes front, front and back, and hand finishing binding on the back.

Make binding strips from your fabric

Make a continuous quilt with binding strips.

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